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Frequently Asked Questions

How can I find a part-time job?

You might prefer to make some money to cover your living expenses and having a part-time job while studying will be a way to achieve this. Your student visa allows you to work 48 hours a fortnight or 24 hours per week during the semesters and fulltime during the semester breaks.

Most of our students get part-time work in fields such as; Hospitality, Retail, Aged care, Disability, and Security sectors. Once you identify the field of part-time work you are interested in, take the following steps to acquire it:

  • Enroll into a part-time course to get Australian part-time work qualification.
  • Resume: Ensure that you edit your resume into the Australian standards and update your details relevant the job you are applying for.
  • Create job alerts on the online job portals such as Indeed, Seek, Gumtree, Jora, job search, CareerOne, Randstad etc.
  • Do applications online, call or visit the businesses that have declared vacancies online.
  • Apply for a Tax File Number (TFN). A TFN is not required immediately, however, your employer will need it when you start your first job.
How can I find shared accommodation?

There are several accommodation options for international students in Australia. These include: a homestay with an Australian family if you are below 18 years old, renting privately, short term temporary accommodation, on-campus accommodation or unilodge shared accommodation. The majority of students book temporary accommodation when they first arrive in Australia. We recommend you book between 2-4 weeks of temporary accommodation prior to your arrival and commencement of your course. Once you have attended orientation, you will be given information about local accommodation options. Some students choose to share a rental house or apartment with other students as this reduces costs. It is advisable to secure accommodation with easy access to public transportation.

For accommodation availability, visit websites such as Realestate.com, flatmates.com, gumtree, Facebook Marketplace.

What assistance does Prudent Education Consultancy provide?

Prudent Education Consultancy has a team of experienced counsellors that provide advice on various courses and education providers most suitable for you after assessing your education qualifications, interests and education goals. After we receive all the required documentation, we assess and submit the application to the education provider for further progression.

How can I lodge my university application through Prudent Education Consultancy? When can I lodge the application?

We encourage students to submit applications at least four months prior to commencing the course program. This will be sufficient time to process the application and student visa lodgment. You will be required to submit original copies or certified true copies of the following: your valid passport, academic transcripts, and completion certificate of your highest educational attainment. IELTS test result is also mandatory for any application to be considered.

Can I lodge an application to extend my student visa if my previous student visa has expired?

As an international student, an application for a visa extension should be lodged prior to expiry date to avoid penalty. A valid visa is required for you to remain legally in Australia.

How can I apply to extend/renew my visa in Australia?

If you are an onshore student, Prudent Education Consultancy can lodge your visa extension/renewal application online. Please contact the PEC office to discuss the requirements of this further.

Why should international students choose Australia over other destinations?

Australia is a really great place for international students to study because it has a really welcoming and multicultural community that is open and welcoming to all. Students can make friends, they can also build a second home away from home at the same time studying and getting a world class education. They can also enjoy the authentic lifestyle. Australia is a paradise of nature with unique features and gorgeous scenery. And it has a diverse culture.

How safe is Australia?

Australia embraces diversity and inclusivity hence a very welcoming country, its cities have the lowest crime rates and the country itself is ranked among the safest in the world.

Can I change my course to another area of study?

In most cases you are restricted from transferring  your course during the first six months
If you change your course or education provider after six months of study, tell your provider, and they will inform the Department of Home Affairs. You do not need to send a new Confirmation of Enrolment (CoE) or update your ImmiAccount.

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